Custom Figure Skating Dresses, Pants and Jackets by KelleyMatthewsDesigns 
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How do we get started?


First, contact us via email to check our booking availability.  As we only make custom products, our capacity is intentionally limited to maintain the uniqueness of our products.   There are times in the year when we require a longer lead time, so when you know you need a design, you should get on our books as quickly as possible!  


For competition dresses, we schedule of series of critical dates to meet your timeline.  These include a consultation, a design due date, a fitting due date, a return date and final delivery date.


For practice items, we only need your delivery date.


Next, to start the design process we require a nonrefundable $150 deposit or 50% of the cost of the item, whichever is less. The deposit is applied to the cost of the piece and is good for up to one year from receipt. This deposit will also guarantee your time slot.


During the consultation we will speak with you and your coach about your vision for the dress.  We also like to see a photo of the skater.  With this information in mind, we will listen to your music and watch any DVDs available of the program.  Then the magic begins! 


We will create several sketches of design ideas, which we will email to you.  If time allows, we will also mail swatches of fabrics.  Once you have your sketches, you should review them with your skater and your coach, and make your selection.


After you have selected your design and fabrics, we will give you an estimate of the price. We then require a 50% deposit, minus the original $150.  Once the funds are received, we will begin creating your custom piece.


After initial construction, we will ship the dress to you for a fitting.  Please set aside 1 hour for this phone appointment.  Prior to the appointment you will need to take photos of your skater in the dress and email them to us.  Then, with your skater in the dress, we will walk you through what we need to insure a good fit.  If you are local, we can do the fitting in person. 


Please note that the schedule is to insure an on-time delivery, and failure to meet the schedule may result in your incurring additional expenses or adding time onto your delivery.


Once we receive the dress after the fitting, we will make any necessary alterations and then complete the stonework and embellishments.  We will then email you a final balance due.  Once received, your dress will be shipped.

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